Understanding Our Process for CRE Property Video Tour

Welcome to CRE Worx Media, where we turn your vision into reality with our meticulously crafted CRE property video tours. Our process is a synergistic blend of creativity, technical expertise, and close collaboration with our clients. This blog post will walk you through our systematic approach from start to finish, shedding light on the magic behind the scenes. It’s not just about flying drones and editing footage – it’s about videography that tells a story, your property’s story, in the most engaging and visually stunning way possible. Here’s a sneak peek into our world, where every project is a unique journey that transforms ordinary properties into extraordinary visual narratives with property video tour.

1. Quote Stage – Defining the Project Scope For Property Video Tour

First things first – the quote. We understand that every project has unique requirements and financial considerations. At CRE Worx Media, we believe in transparency and fair pricing. After a detailed discussion of your needs, we provide a comprehensive quote for your project. Approval of this quote is the green light that propels us into the next exciting phase – pre-production.

2. Pre-production Meeting – Planning and Strategizing

This is where the magic starts to take shape. We meet with you to delve deeper into the specifics of your property and your expectations. Our discussion revolves around the features and amenities of your property, as well as surrounding Points of Interest (POIs) that we plan to highlight. We also showcase our past work to give you a clear vision of what the finished project might look like. This is the time to align the visual style, music, and graphics to match your existing brand identity. We also address key aspects such as budget, timing, site assessment, and scheduling. From this meeting, a detailed shot list is born.

3. Production Stage – Executing the Plan

With a 50% deposit payment confirming your commitment, the CRE Worx Team is all set to visit your property on the scheduled shoot date. Our team collaborates with on-site staff to ensure all elements in the shot list are captured with precision and creativity. All ground and drone footage is captured in and around the property per clients scope.

4. Post-Production Stage – Perfecting the Final Product

The post-production stage is where your property’s story is carefully sculpted. Our expert post-production artists utilize the captured footage, integrating creative editing, music, and graphics, to produce a compelling first draft of the video tour. However, it’s not just about stitching together beautiful visuals; we ensure the property video tour is in harmony with your brand’s identity.

We closely refer to your existing property’s Offering Memorandum (OM), brochure, or website, making sure that the video not only tells an engaging story but also visually aligns with your existing marketing materials. This consistency in visual language enhances brand recognition and creates a seamless experience for your viewers.

Once the first draft is ready, we invite you to review it. We employ a collaborative approach to revisions, using an online video review process through Vimeo, where you can directly add comments and provide feedback. This ensures that your input is integrated into the final version. We offer two revisions at no extra cost, ensuring that the final output perfectly encapsulates your vision and meets your expectations for the property video tour.

5. Conclusion – Delivering the Complete Package

Upon completion of the video tour, we produce final output files suitable for various platforms such as your website and social media. We also host the video on our social media and marketing channels for additional exposure. The journey might have ended, but the story of your property is now ready to enchant viewers worldwide.

Final Thoughts

We hope this journey through our process has provided a deeper understanding of the care, creativity, and expertise that goes into every property video tour we create at CRE Worx Media. Our commitment is to ensure your property’s story is told in the most compelling and visually stunning way, reflecting your brand’s identity and resonating with your target audience.

If you’re ready to take your property marketing to the next level, we invite you to reach out to us by clicking “GET QUOTE” at the top of the page or calling (844) 359-9679. Also, we encourage you to visit our portfolio page to see our work.

Let’s start the conversation, and together, we can begin crafting a masterpiece that brings your property’s story to life. Contact us today, and let’s start telling your story.

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