Step into the limelight with our latest property video tour showcasing Broadstone Pullman at legendary Pratt Pullman District, an architectural marvel that captures the essence of Atlanta’s cinematic history and vibrant community.

With design cues taken directly from the legendary Pratt Pullman District, each apartment serves as your personal stage, meticulously curated to keep you at the epicenter of creativity and comfort. As the first-ever residential community in the historic Pratt Pullman District, Broadstone Pullman redefines the concept of ‘home,’ inviting you to live on location amidst a tapestry of artistic souls in Kirkwood, Atlanta.

From top-tier resident services to pet-friendly amenities, every detail is orchestrated to ensure a living experience that is nothing short of Oscar-worthy. Witness the magic firsthand through our lens at CRE Worx Media, in collaboration with Walker & Dunlop Atlanta.

At CRE Worx Media, we’re proud to have created a dynamic video tour for Broadstone Pullman.

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