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CRE Worx Media FAQ

What is CRE Worx “Property Video Tour”?2022-09-05T18:13:08+00:00

CRE Worx video tours are highly produced and specifically tailored for commercial real estate (CRE) industry. Our video tours designed to showcase a property in a way that is not possible through OM’s, power point presentation and other standard marketing materials. CRE Worx Media video tours are crafted to connect on an emotional level with prospective buyer and motivate them to take action.

What other visual media services CRE Worx offers?2022-09-05T18:17:07+00:00

In addition to “video tours” CRE Worx Media offers following visual media services as add-ons to property video tour packages:

  • Aerial drone video and photography
  • Interior & exterior ground photography
  • Dusk aerial & ground photography
  • Motion FX and text graphic call outs for video production
  • Lifestyle videos of near by points-of-interest like shopping and dining. CRE Worx team will source models and appropriate equipment
  • Google map visual graphics with custom road outlines, labels, logos and other graphics media
  • Voiceover talent and production
What property types you provide services for?2022-09-05T18:18:25+00:00
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