29 WYN Miami, FL Showcase:

Excellence in Property Presentation

Discover the Ultimate Commercial Property Media Package

Multifamily – Office – Industrial – Mixed-Use

From the heart of Wynwood Miami, we bring you a spectacular showcase of what modern property marketing looks like.

Dive into a rich visual journey that elevates commercial real estate showcasing to an art form via Property Video Tour, Photography & 3D Matterport Virtual tour.

Take a look at 29 WYN property website with CRE Worx produced visual media.

Video Tour

Dive into an immersive property video experience, capturing the essence of Miami’s vibrant lifestyle and the sophistication of 29 WYN.

Elevate your property’s presentation with our comprehensive video tours. Capturing sweeping aerial views with our drone footage, we highlight the property’s exterior and interior in its full splendor. Accompanied by engaging graphics, creative editing, a tailored musical backdrop, and contextual details like Google Maps, we ensure your property stands out.



Precision shots that showcase every unique detail and elevate the aesthetic appeal of the property.

Standard & Architectural Photography

Our photography service offers two tiers to suit your needs. For those seeking cost-effective solutions, our standard photography captures your property’s essential features. For properties demanding a touch of luxury and precision, our architectural photography focuses on the finesse of angles, meticulous lighting, and shot precision, presenting your property in its finest light.


Take a virtual step inside, navigating through amenities and model units, feeling every space come alive.

Step into the future with our 3D Virtual Matterport Tours. Offering viewers an immersive virtual walk-through experience, renters, potential clients and investors can intimately acquaint themselves with your property’s ambiance and layout, no matter where they are in the world.

We provide capture, processing and monthly hosting for Matterport 3D virtual tours.


Transform CRE spaces with CRE Worx Media’s Virtual Staging, powered by advanced AI.


Our AI-Driven Virtual Staging: Crafting Future Spaces Today

Leveraging AI, we offer a unique glimpse into the future of empty spaces. Our service is not just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic tool that utilizes AI to visualize optimal layouts, design themes, and functional possibilities.

  • AI-Enhanced Visualization: Experience the transformation through our AI-generated before-and-after visuals, illustrating the remarkable potential of each space.
  • Efficiency and Precision: AI allows for quicker, more accurate staging, adapting to diverse layouts and design preferences seamlessly.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: With AI, virtual staging becomes more accessible, reducing costs and time without compromising on quality.


Selecting CRE Worx Media as your visual media partner offers distinct benefits for your property marketing.

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Why Choose CRE Worx Media as Your Visual Media Partner?

  • Nationwide Reach: From coast to coast in the United States to the islands of the Caribbean, our coverage is comprehensive and all-encompassing.

  • Diverse Media Offerings: Leverage a single vendor for an array of media services, including but not limited to Photography, Video Tours, and 3D Virtual Matterport Tours.

  • Unwavering Excellence: Be it a corporate office in Manhattan or a residential complex in Los Angeles, our commitment to superior service and deliverables remains constant.

  • Unified Communication: Simplify your logistical and communication needs with a single, dedicated liaison, irrespective of your asset’s geographical positioning.

  • Volume Discounts & Economies of Scale: Take advantage of meaningful cost reductions through our volume-based incentives, available to clients with diverse portfolios in key markets.

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