We’re excited to share with you the success story of our property video tour for the CODA GA Tech Innovation Hub in Atlanta! By creating a visually captivating and informative video, we were able to showcase the unique features and state-of-the-art facilities that make this property stand out.

Our video tour captured the essence of CODA GA Tech, highlighting its collaborative spaces, innovative spirit, and vibrant GA Tech community. This resulted in increased interest and demand for the property from potential tenants and investors.

At CRE Worx Media, we offer a comprehensive “Virtual Property Video Tour” package that combines aerial, ground and interior video of the property, amenities and surrounding area context. It also includes contextual impactful callout graphics, music and creative editing. Our package includes:

  • 2-3 minute post-edited video with music, intro, logo, and color correction
  • Broker contact info, intro, and outro
  • Impactful callout graphics
  • Aerial photos of the property – 10-15 high-resolution photos (AT NO COST IF COMBINED WITH VIDEO TOUR)
  • And more…

We would like to extend our expertise to help showcase your property in the same captivating manner.

Click “GET QUOTE” above to receive a personalized quote for your property. Alternatively, you can call (844) 359-9679 for more information.

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your property with the same level of success as CODA GA Tech. We’re confident that our Property Video Tour package will provide a dynamic and engaging marketing tool, helping you attract the right audience and secure the best deals for your property.

Best regards,

Roman Molla


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